Daily Rhythm

How to Create a Daily Rhythm for Homeschool

Here is a quick recap on what I use as my daily guide. Rather than a strict schedule I force onto everyone, I made an open ended daily rhythm to replace the schedule with. This has given me freedom to switch it up and a lot less pressure to complete a long list. I have re-worked it 3 times in the past 3 months and I find that the details of our day will probably change more as the kids grow, but the daily rhythm will mostly stay the same for now.

My kids are ages 6 and 3 so we are still in the thick of the youngsters who need plenty of rest. I found it is easiest to prioritize a few things - like mealtimes and sleep - then work from there.


8:00 AM: Breakfast

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM: Nap (3 year old) & Quiet Time (6 year old)

5:30 PM: Dinner

7:00 PM: Bedtime

Adjust these times for what works for your family. For us, we have little control over what time the boys wake up. But what we do have control over is when they are allowed to come out of their rooms. This is not a perfect system, but with months of training and practice we have the boys stay in their beds until 6:30am, then they can quietly play until 7:30am. This gives my husband and I time to either sleep if we need, get up and get ready, or even exercise and shower all before the boys come out.

Let’s be real here for a minute. My boys are human and are not perfect at this system. But we are hoping with consistency it’ll become more of a pattern. Our oldest is typically better than our youngest. There are some times he comes in early for cuddles or just wants a hug, but on a normal morning we won’t see him until 7:30am. Our youngest is still learning this system. Add in the recent exit of overnight pull-ups and he has been waking up early to use the bathroom. Typically I end up falling back asleep with him in his bed until 6:30am then he starts to play.

Okay, now let’s add school time, screen time, and any chores to the schedule. Remember this can be a wide range. Your weekly and daily lesson plans can have more exact information for those days.


8:00 AM: Breakfast

Morning chalkboard work

9:00 AM: School & Play

Daily reading lesson, math activity, hands on learning and playing

Snack when needed

10:30 AM: Recess

Outdoors if weather permits

11:30 AM: Independent Reading and Copy work

12:00 PM: Lunch & TV Show

Clean up

1:00 PM: Nap (3 year old) & Quiet Time (6 year old)

3:00 PM: Snack & Specials

4:00 PM: Outdoors

5:00 PM: Screen time

5:30 PM: Dinner

7:00 PM: Bedtime

Notice how I am not scheduling out by the minute or even half hour. Some days we might get through breakfast and our morning chalkboard work quickly and move on to school sooner. Some days we don't start school until 10am. It is just the flow of things. The kids know that with breakfast comes some easy going learning in the kitchen. It's light and simple - but so beneficial!

They know not to ask for TV in the morning because they will get it with lunch and while I cook dinner each day (well usually ha!). This gives you a great guide to get you through each day. It also will help give your child some form of predictability in his day. With consistency, they will realize what is to come next.

So there you have it - a pretty wide schedule to help stay organized while not feeling overwhelmed by time constraints. Use it and make it your own! xxoo

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