First Week Recap!

First Week of Homeschool Done!

I am not sure if this is just me, but it feels like last Monday was 100 years ago. I am positive I will find my groove, but I am actually really thankful that week 1 is now behind us ;)

Here is a little recap on how it all went and what I learned for moving forward.

We used a lot of our new chalkboard! Even my husband joined in. You can see how attentive to detail I was early in the morning (look closely at the date section) - the best part is no one even noticed. I am sure I will get the morning meeting stuff down this coming week.

As a former teacher I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to start homeschooling. Can I create an inviting learning space - yes. Can I prioritize specials like art, PE, and music - yes. Do we get outside often and have hands on playing - yes. The list of things I know I CAN DO is reassuring. However, I kind of skipped the steps of asking myself what I don't know how to do. For example, do I know how to teach someone to read - nope I sure don't. One thing I did not really consider was the simple fact that I have never taught Kindergarten before. So yeah... a little out of my comfort zone. Thankfully, the house was ready and stocked full of lots of fun things to choose from. We are just going to have to figure this all out as we go.

To be honest, this past week was more of "what do we know - where should we start" rather than full of leaning activities. By the middle of the week I was super tired and just aimed for getting outside and playing. When in doubt, my go to activity is to just get outdoors! Here the kiddos are enjoying outdoor music class. The best part? My neighbor happened to be outside at the same time, and recorded me singing and dancing from her balcony - that was fun to watch later in the day for a hilarious pick me up!

I quickly realized I needed to do a bit more research and planning for my Kindergarten lessons. This is all new to me. I noticed Giovanni wasn't really enjoying the workbooks and reading lessons I was doing - so I just stopped them mid-week to re-group. The best part of all this, is the freedom to follow your own child. Something wasn't working, so we stopped. I researched and am planning a totally different approach for this week.

Hands down the favorite activity of the week was our science day. Of course this is fitting due to the fact that Gio shared with us he wants to be a Scientist when he grows up. Heart melting. At first I was going to have science once a week, but I decided we are going to try and hit some science lessons every day. I mean, look at this face? Who knew tension could be so fun.

All in all, we had a good week. There were a handful of meltdowns (most from me) but we made it. This weekend I spent lots of time resting, re-grouping, and planning. And I am feeling even more exited to jump into week 2! Gio looks excited too...

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Our journey has just begun and I can't wait to share even more with you.

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