Morning Routine

How we start our day!

The past month of homeschooling has been filled with laughter, fun, exhaustion, overwhelmingness, and so much learning. Week 5 and we finally have our homeschool supplies in a good place for a solid morning routine. I am a huge advocate for setting yourself up for success. Once I have my stuff in order and everything has a "home" I feel much better in completing our tasks. Especially on those early mornings when one kid woke you up at 4am ;)

Do you need any guidance in a simple morning routine - keep reading to find out what was added this week!

ROUTINE 1. At 7:15 the kids complete a morning checklist with Daddy

(make beds, clean room, brush teeth, get dressed)

2. Kids meet me downstairs and complete easy learning activities while I finish up breakfast

(I am talking like a 5 minute set up the night before or open up the sensory table from the day before, nothing crazy here - just something to keep them occupied).

3. Family breakfast and chalkboard work

(letter of day, sight words, easy reading words, simple math)

4. Clean up and kiss Daddy goodbye then head into the school room (our living room).

5. Morning Circle Time - special good morning to each child, lighting of the candle, peaceful moment with meditation bell, calendar work (days of week and months of year songs), and then read few books for that week's theme. We end with saying thank you and goodbye to our "fire/light".

This morning routine is working for us for now! After we finish up, the kids are ready to start to play and I can sit with my coffee before we jump into our busy day! By 9am we have already completed so much learning that I feel pretty happy about taking a moment to enjoy my coffee and prepare for the day.

MEDITATION & CHILDREN This past week we have implemented this structured time for meditation. Giovanni has been introduced to this before, but we have not been consistent in our practice. I realized that I need a peaceful way to transition from breakfast to school. With the arrival of our calendar supplies, I made myself a little teacher's basket next to my chair and started this wonderful and easy morning circle routine! Benefits of Meditation for Children: emotion regulation, teaches how to calm the body and be still, centers the brain, psychological resilience, and a wonderful tool for when they encounter hardships in real life. These are just a handful of all the reasons why I decided it was time for the kids (and me!) to start meditating every morning.

Start Small

It can be intimidating and hard to start meditating with young children - so I recommend starting small. For now, I am asking that my kids sit still, eyes closed, and take deep breaths just for as long as they hear the bell chiming. As they get better and older - we will increase this time we sit and meditate. You may just end up enjoying it too!


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