School Year Jitters

With the start of the school year fast approaching, as parents, we are naturally processing so many emotions. In a typical school year we might normally feel excited, anxious, worried, and happy. But school during a global pandemic? Well that is a different story. I am sure you are feeling a mix of emotions - frustration, anxiety, and sadness come to my mind.

Personally I feel sad. I had a hard time processing the fact that I would not be walking my first baby into his first Kindergarten class. I can vividly remember wearing my little pink dress (that both my older sisters wore) on my first day of K and my mom walking my up to hug goodbye. MILESTONE. How many milestones has this pandemic taken from you?

But the kids, oh the kids. They are so resilient. I know this is a hard time for us parents. But keep in mind that everyone is doing his or her best to make this work. Teachers and school staff are working harder than ever. Parents and family members are building each other up. And the kids, well they are typically just going with the flow – especially the younger ones. Soon this will all be a flash of the past, and hopefully a distant funny memory seeing all our cuties in masks.

Perspective. The kids will be okay. Will it be a perfect school year? Nope. But will we get through it? You bet. So often I have my children repeat the phrase “I can do hard things” – and so today I am here to remind you (and myself) of this very simple statement. We can do hard things! We can and will figure this out.

So if you decide to send your child, keep him home, or homeschool – I support you. And I am finding that a lot of us are doing just that. True and judgement free support. My best friend has picked hybrid learning. For now, her son will be 100% distance learning. If the district opens back up, he might attend school 2 days a week. She recently shared her feelings of doubt and anxiety – and you know what? As a new homeschooling mom I have felt these SAME feelings lately. It felt so good knowing that I was not alone. While our fears and concerns are different, our heavy hearts for our babes is the same. Love your children, trust your gut, chat with a friend, and maybe just maybe entering the school year won’t be so scary after all.

Remember, you can do hard things. Your kids can do hard things. And together, we will rock this school year! Happy start of school everyone!

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