We Made it Half Way...

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Half way through the first week that is...

It's past my bedtime, again, but here I am thinking and planning away. The first two days of our homeschool journey were exhausting - but not the bad kind. I am wired, fixated, and hyped - but I also think I could sleep standing up right now. I can truly tell you that being a stay at home mom is a wonderful blessing. But let's be honest, sometimes my brain is just mush. There is so much great work into being a fierce Mama bear, but not always the most challenging intellectually (at least in these early years). I have felt AMAZING using every ounce of this precious brain of mine leading up to, and during this week. Ahhh. A piece of the old me is awakened. I have missed being a teacher. But now I get to be a teacher to my own two precious kids. I know I have a lot to tweak and re-work to find our perfect groove, but I am just happy to remember this feeling of joyful exhaustion.

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